Practice Support will provide expert  transitioning for a clinician's practice if that clinician should experience a practice terminating event.

Practice Support offers state of the art consultation and training in Telemental Health for clinicians and organizations.

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Consultation & coaching

consultation in Telemental


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Practice Support offers coaching and consultation for clinicians and   supervisors who are establishing and expanding their practice.

Practice Support will always be exploring the future of mental health practice and developing new solutions as challenges arise and needs are clarified.

Our professional staff and team members are chosen for their expertise, skill and integrity. We promise that each task will be performed conscientiously and with attention to detail, always designed to exceed expectations. 

OUR mission

Practice Support is happy to discuss ways that organizations and individuals can partner with us or become a team member so we can offer best practice solutions and develop other key services to support mental health clinicians. 


Practice Support is deeply committed to strengthening the field of mental health by creating and making available services that support the work of all mental health clinicians, driven by ongoing research into emerging changes to the professional, clinical, and legal knowledge base.   

Supporting the people who support others.

State of the art services to support the practice of mental health clinicians.