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about practice support

Practice Support is the newest division of yourceus.com, Inc. It has been created for a single key purpose: to provide best in class services to support the work of mental health clinicians. Each of our services has been designed to meet some specific need of the mental health clinician, offering support and solutions for some of the more complex and time consuming aspects of practice, while filling in important gaps in service that leave practices at professional and ethical risk. 

Designed for Ease of Use and Affordability

Everything we do has been carefully constructed to be easy and intuitive to use in order to make your practice work better and more efficiently. Our design avoids unnecessary complications, so you can seamlessly and easily integrate it with the rest of your work. Most importantly, we price our services for affordability, so it can fit your budget. It's simply no improvement if it's too complicated or too expensive for real clinicians to use.

Driven by Our Mission

Each of the services we are offering now - and any additional services we add in the future - will always be driven by the pursuit of a single core mission: to work with integrity for the overall betterment of the profession. It is our deeply held belief that ours is a profession vitally important to the well being our society and our country. For clinical work to serve its higher purposes, it needs to be done well. Our mission is to offer support and key resources that enhance excellence in our profession and allow you to do your best work.

Learning from Our Customers

Since 2001, yourceus.com has been engaged in the training of mental health professionals all across the country, seeking out ways to bring the most important and most up to date knowledge and skills to the people who use that knowledge day to day. While we've been developing and delivering training programs to support best practice clinical work, we've had the opportunity to communicate with thousands of clinicians in every part of the United States, gathering information about their work and their challenges. Everything we have learned over the past decade and a half shapes our efforts to develop useful and supportive services and our decisions about what additional services need to be developed.

Forming Key Alliances

Over the course of our history, yourceus.com has engaged in alliances with organizations that share our commitment to excellence in our profession. At various points, we have had strategic teaming agreements with over a dozen state chapters of professional organizations for social workers and professional counselors like NASW and LPCA. This has allowed us to share information about needed resources and gaps in knowledge with other parties engaged in strengthening the profession, and has informed the development work we undertake. As we move forward with Practice Support, we will continue to seek out partnerships and alliances with organizations that share our vision and purposes, and we encourage other organizations to contact us to discuss ways that we can work together constructively.

Our Commitment to You

We view our commitment to our customers as an extension of the commitment you extend to your to your clients. At its best, our profession is deeply meaningful and deeply personal, more than just a job for a paycheck. When we commit to providing services to our customers, we share that sense of purpose and responsibility in ways that inform our every decision and underlie our commitment to work conscientiously on behalf of your work.

State of the art services to support the practice of mental health clinicians.