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cLINICAL cARE transitioning services

making arrangements for the unthinkable

It's written into our codes of ethics. We are supposed to be prepared. We are supposed to have a plan in place to transition our clients to new caregivers if the unexpected happens and we are no longer able to manage our caseloads due to death or incapacitation.

So who is going to provide care to all your clients if something happens to you?

Who will store and manage patient records, handle requests for releases of information, and dispose of the records properly when the time has arrived to meet that obligation? Who will have the knowledge and skill to close your practice, while protecting your clients and making appropriate referrals to other providers for care if you experience a practice terminating event? 

Complete Coverage for $44 per year

Practice Support is ready to come in on a moment's notice to transition your practice if the unthinkable happens. When you contract with us to provide Clinical Care Transition Services, we help you organize and prepare a plan that allows our team of clinical professionals to come in quickly and provide a seamless transition for your clients. We evaluate each open case to determine ongoing needs, we locate the most appropriate clinical professionals to continue to provide your client's mental health care, we reach out to your clients to update them on the changes to your practice and support them while we help them to make the difficult transition to new providers of care. We even make sure that your practice voice mail message is changed to notify clients and direct them to Practice Support for transition questions and services.

Services that Continue as Long as Needed

Even when all of your clients are transitioned successfully, we continue to work on your behalf to cover your professional obligations. We store and manage your patient records and make sure that all Protected Healthcare Information is properly guarded in accordance with state and federal laws. We respond to appropriate releases of information and requests by clients to review their records. We track when it is time for record disposal, and delete and destroy each record in their time in accordance with legal and ethical guidelines within your state. We keep the records updated with forms noting all of our transitioning activities and enter appropriate case closure forms when the transitioning process has been fully completed. We will also notify the relevant insurance panels, licensing boards and professional organizations who need to know about your practice closing. We do right by your practice until the last work is done.

Highly Trained Professional Teams

In each state, we recruit and develop a team that is ready to provide the highest possible level of service, backed by our core executive staff and our clinical team of experts. We build a knowledge base of the local resources that will be necessary to cover all the clinical needs of your clients, from hospitals and psychiatrists, to the best local clinicians in any treatment area. We offer your clients a number of referral options for ongoing care and work with them until they are satisfied with their new providers. Because this is important work, we pay our teams well and give them all the support and supervision they will need to be able to operate with excellence.

How We Can Do So Much at Such an Affordable Price

When a clinician has a sudden practice terminating event, dozens or even hundreds of hours may be needed to transition all the affected clients, with even more hours to address the management of the case records. We are able to offer this service for so little by having all of our customers share the risk and share the costs. Your payments help offer this us service to others and their payments help us bring this protection to you at a price that won't break your budget. Our legal and organizational team has prepared everything to be simple for you to use, while covering all the legal and ethical bases. Our easy sign up process only takes minutes. We will forward your materials with detailed and easy to follow instructions, and phone support any time you need. Get started by clicking on the button at the top of this page.